RuPort captures the currently non-existing feature of accessing banking facilities while user a is offline. It has a simple-smooth execution and is available to users in both Hindi and English. The responses and actions are quick in both online and offline mode.

Features: Online

  • View Balance: This uses the Balance Enquiry API to view the balance of all related accounts of user.
  • Mini Statement: This employs Recent Transaction API, and allows the user to choose from list of associated accounts for which user wants to view Mini Statement.
  • Update KYC: This uses the KYC APIs, to update the KYC details of the customer.
  • ATM/Branch Locator: Uses Branch ATM Locator API and the mobile’s geo-location and suggests nearest ATM and/or branch.
  • Send/Request Money: User can send or request money using Fund Transfer APIs through an account number, mobile number, or scan another user’s QR code which contains mobile number information linked to an account number.
Features: Offline

The Offline features of RuPort employ APIs to fetch and modify data at the server side, on receiving an input from the RuPort App.

  • View Balance: This functionality displays the balance of all accounts related to the logged-in user on RuPort’s screen.
  • Send/Request money: This allows the user to Send money to the beneficiary account number, or phone number, and also by scanning a QR code which stores the mobile number to which money can be transferred. User may request money by providing an account number or a phone number. The request is sent as a message to the Payee’s phone.
  • Change m-pin: User can change his current m-pin using this feature.
Software Details:
  • Development: Android Studio 2.3.1
  • Designing: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.02
  • Environment(OS) : Ubuntu 17.04

Note: For more detailed description regarding the workflow of the various features of RuPort app, refer to RuPort Documentation.